Monday, January 27, 2014

Moving closer

The writing is coming together, finally. I finally feel like the thing feels cohesive, which has been a problem with previous drafts. Oh, and I have a laptop now, which makes everything a lot easier - I can Photoshop or type whenever I waaant!

I've discovered that while some problems can be worked out by doing storyboards, some demand that you pull up a Word document and type them out. I'd write in the form of a mono-dialogue, starting with describing the problem and then reply to myself and it was somewhat creepy how often the answer would just come out that way. Like part of me had it all along and the other part just needed to ASK.

I also discovered that everyone's right about working SET hours. It really does help your focus. Whodathunk, right?

I would like to think that I'm 90% there, writing-wise. Knock on wood, because if there's anything I've learned, it's that patching one hole tends to make two more pop up.

Husband is working hard and doesn't have too much time to act editor, but he still kindly looks through the storyboards I give him. I fear the digital version of the script I prepared for him is very out-of-date at this point, though.

Once the writing is done, I will start on character sheets as well as figure out where to put the thing and how to present it. Page-by-page? Chapter-by-chapter?

Art-wise, I'm leaning towards doing the underwater scenes in ink/charcoal, while the land scenes will be in pencil/greytones. I was hesitant, but my husband insists I am more of a pencil artist (which I think was a very polite way of putting it) and as the always sage Dylan Meconis pointed out: they're two different worlds and that might as well be emphasized.

Underwater scenes, ink/charcoal:

Land scene, trying out pencil/greytone:

Bonus: Inked thumbnail of Rada diving to see the Witch.

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